Sunday, April 27, 2014

Something's off

A couple weekends ago, a girlfriend was Tindering with a guy who invited her to bring her girlfriends for a night out with a bunch of his guy friends. One Friday night, four of us ladies met up with the guys in uptown, and they escorted us (in a party bus!) to a nearby club. There were a couple cute guys in the group, but I was mostly there for the awesome bus and the free drinks/VIP treatment we were promised. ;)

The club was kind of a bust that night, and we kind of had to stand around awkwardly before we even got one free drink. A couple of us girls were feeling a little too sober and like the night wasn't living up to what we'd been told. I felt a little bitchy about feeling that way, but oh well. One of the guys from our group was also standing around looking a little bored, so he walked up to me, saying, "I'm going to come over and stand by you."

He decided to break the ice by asking, "So, what do you look for in a guy?" I liked it. It was a fun conversation to have with someone, especially with a cute guy who you're not sure is interested in you or not. Now that he was right next to me, I noticed that he was pretty much my type (read: blond). I sheepishly admitted that I can't help but being attracted to blond guys, but of course prefaced with that they need to be very smart, nice, respectful, etc. Thinking back, I don't remember what he said in return about his taste in girls, but it was pretty flirty.

He bought me a couple of overpriced drinks and was basically my talking buddy for the night. He was a little shy, but I liked that about him. If a guy's too confident, it leads me to think that 5,766 girls are already after him. Some random (younger and overeager) club girl did keep trying to hit on him throughout the night, but he kept landing by my side instead. At one point, he told me he wanted to tell me a secret.

"What is it?!" I was excited. It sounded juicy.

"So... You're really pretty. Is that stupid?"

I told him it wasn't stupid - that it was cute he said that.

On the ride home, he kicked his legs over my lap, and I tried to steal his shoes. He was cute and easy to be with. I liked him.

He asked about the longest relationship I'd been in. After he heard my answer, he told me I was worse than him, but that he did enjoy being single. "That's probably not what you want to hear, though." Cue awkward silence.

The group got back to the guys' house, and since I had things to do in the morning, I started talking about how I was going to leave soon. He didn't really react. He even disappeared into the kitchen for a while, and he caught me as I opened the front door to go out to my cab.

"It was nice meeting you," he said, waving goodbye.

He had never asked for my number.

Immediately after getting into my cab, I texted my girlfriend who was still at the guys' place (and paired up with the other cute guy) and had her do some quick investigating.

Soon, she texted back with an answer. The guy didn't ask for my number because... He had a girlfriend.

Wow. That hadn't even occurred to me! What about the part where he asked a bunch of relationship questions, or the part where he said he likes being single?! Talk about omitting something pretty big there! Guess the next time I find a flirt buddy for the night, I need to figure out if he really is single or not.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

On the prowl

One of my girl friends and I have been getting sick of the late night bar scene, so the two of us decided to venture out on our own and check out the happy hour crowd after work for a change. She works in one of the big corporate towers, and her boss has been telling her how if she really wants to meet a quality guy, all the young professional guys are out in the surrounding bars and restaurants at XX time after work.

She really does work in a prime location and the bars/restaurants around are incredible and really these are definitely good spots for a man hunt. ;)

Night one we targeted a weekend night, a little after happy hour. We went to a swanky hotel bar, and oh my, it was packed with gorgeous guys. One so-so pair of guys came up to us (one which we had commented on earlier - the taller guy looked famous, but we weren't sure who he was) but they ended up being lame (and not actually famous, after a quick Google consult). We spotted one guy we really wanted to talk to, but he decided not to approach...until he happened to be out in the hotel lobby as we were leaving. And we spotted a wedding ring! Boo! He was even more gorgeous up close, yet right in the more mature age bracket we were hoping to target. Getting closer!

Night two was planned for the prime happy hour timeframe suggested by my friend's boss. Swanky hotel bar was dead, except for older guys. We managed to win a free drink each anyway then quickly headed over to a nice steakhouse next door. Score! - we walked in to a cluster of young professional guys in suits hovering next to the bar. Sadly they continued "networking" for a couple minutes then were seated soon after, leaving us sitting alone at the bar. We bought ourselves a round of fancy drinks and appetizers and an older guy (with a cuter, younger friend - with a wedding ring) chatted us up for a minute. We didn't have any luck there, but that was okay. We were practicing and getting our new routine down!

Guess this night really goes to show that Arms is on the back burner.

My friend kept seeing a bunch of hotties walk into yet another swanky restaurant - the one that Foodie had taken me to on our first date, for one of my best (and most $$$!!) meals ever. We went there next, but to our dismay all the hotties were packed into tables in the back, and there was only room for us at the bar. We got our buzz on for one more drink then called it a night. It was a lot of fun and brought us closer as friends, and the evening gave us a bunch of time to brainstorm for our next couple of nights on the prowl! Young, successful men, here we come!