Monday, June 30, 2014

Someone special

I've never dated someone who gives me such crazy feelings yet also blows me away with what a truly good person he is. This guy has the charm and the substance - I had such a great time on date three with Dreamy.

When Dreamy picked me up from my apartment, I still had no idea what he had planned for the night (although I knew food would be involved). He started driving and said he was taking me to a particular restaurant in my neighborhood - one that I'd never tried but had always hoped a guy would take me to one day. I was nervous for this night because I can get pretty quiet after the first couple dates with a new guy, but Dreamy always has lots of interesting things to say. He has so many things he's passionate about, and he speaks a lot about integrity - in his life and at work. He's very curious as well, and he asks me detailed questions about my interests (and he remembers those details later). Those types of qualities are what I've really been looking for in a guy - a guy who has convictions, has a direction for himself, and isn't just a little boy in a man's body. He speaks about family members and coworkers he looks up to, and it's interesting to see that he thinks of some of them as role models when he is already such a great person himself.

As per our new usual, he ordered our dessert at the end of the meal. We're pretty serious about our dessert ESP now, because we didn't even discuss the options - he just picked my number one choice, and he knew that it was the one I wanted. The waitress acted a little surprised when he decided so fast without my input, but I assured her that he knew the exact one that was on my mind.

He drove me right home after the meal, and I was feeling unsure about what to do next. I didn't want to be rude by not inviting him inside, but I also didn't want to invite any expectations of him getting some. We lingered in his car, talking for a while, and he could tell I was conflicted about what to do. He assured me he would be a gentleman, and so I finally let him follow me inside my place for a drink.

Without having to say much, I made the boundaries relatively clear of what would not be happening inside. I expect for guys to bail pretty quickly if they have work the next morning and it's clear they aren't going to get any action, but we finished our bourbon and then had the most incredible time. I kept waiting for him to say he was tired and go home, but soon I figured out that he didn't want to do that at all. He stayed with me until well past two in the morning, and we just talked and kissed... He ended up telling me some very personal things about his life and the way he thinks, and I could see what he's all about - and it's far greater than I ever could have thought I could find in a guy. I am very, very impressed with this one. He also kept getting this huge, adorable smile when I would share silly little things about myself. It seems like this one is the real deal, and I hope he is. He could make me really, really happy.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Run-in's and Dreamy Dates

What is it with guys reappearing this summer?!

Paolo moved away last year to go to grad school, but he was back in town a few days ago and was trying to organize a little reunion! I was pretty shocked, since he dumped me, yet now he's inviting me out to meet his friends! I think since we're still Facebook friends, he must have been stalking my photos and seen how much fun I've been having. He said he thought of me since he was in town and was wondering if I had plans or if I would go out that night with him and his group of friends. It would have been fun to see him again, but I had plans with Guy No. 1 and so couldn't get together with Paolo.

Another night, I was going to meet up with some girlfriends at a club. Sitting at my friends' table, I found a guy I had gone out with once before. (He's incredibly hot!) A couple days after we went out though, he messaged me to say he didn't feel a connection and wished me well. I was sad, since he was really sweet up until then, but I appreciated that he would let me know. Anyway, at the club this past weekend, we awkwardly avoided eye contact until I finally just decided to go up to him and say hi. He was really sweet, until the new girl he's dating showed up.

There are a couple other instances, but I'd rather talk about Dreamy. We have another date in a couple days and I am so excited! He's one of those guys who doesn't text nonstop, which I appreciate, but when he does check in, he always says something really thoughtful and hilarious. I found out I work with one of his relatives, and I'm dying to gossip with her about him! Dreamy is also an expert with setting up dates. He asked for my phone number in the first place (instead of offering his number for me to call), he requests in advance for dates (and states "let's go out on XX day" instead of meekly asking, "do you want to go out?"), he chooses the place and time, and he refuses to let me help pay. Oh, and he always insists we get dessert. It's adorable. Third date, let's do this!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Cloud nine

I've been seeing a lot of Guy No. 1, who I first brought up a couple posts ago. He's really great, and really sweet to me, and I can tell he actually wants a relationship. He has his life together and has an amazing job, body, house, accomplishments... I've really started to have feelings for him, but...

Then I had my second date with Dreamy this week. I've been thinking about him quite a lot since our first date, but since we were able to get together again, it kind of took him off of a pedestal - so that I can see him as a real guy who I could actually be with. We can joke around, he's really curious about things, and he just overall impresses me. What's happening is that I feel like I'm falling for his personality. He's so different. We even had our first kiss, and it just put me on cloud nine.

Do you guys ever think about your favorite date of all time? Mine is definitely this guy.

The thing is, I hate having viable options between guys! I can sense that Guy No. 1 is going to ask for a commitment soon... He's already asked a little about whether I've been seeing other guys, and he told me he took down his dating profile because he's interested in just seeing me. A while back he told me he went on a couple dates with one other girl around the same time we met but that he doesn't want to talk to her anymore. I didn't say much back or make any promises to him (and he doesn't know I have two dating profiles, haha). He's definitely husband material but being exclusive with him means I can't see Dreamy anymore - something I don't even want to think about! Dreamy is a little older than Guy No. 1, but I can tell he's fine being independent and that the process is going to go more slowly with him. In comparison, Guy No. 1 seems to have a little more of a codependent personality.

Committing to him terrifies me right now, though. I don't know if I'm psyching myself out, or if a lot of girls have a fear of commitment too, even if it's to the right guy. Or maybe this means he's the wrong guy... I don't know!

Maybe I just like that Dreamy is more of a mystery.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Those Who Wait

Good things come to those who wait! Remember Dreamy from my last post?

He got in touch! I got a text from him last night. I decided I would not say a word to him until he first contacted me. I was busy last night so I even waited until my lunch break at work today to get back to him. Delayed gratification creates attraction... I think waiting really paid off - he would know he's got me good if I had hit him up first.

That is all.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Thoughts on dating multiple people...

Things with "promising date" guy from my last post are going well. At one point this weekend, I was pretty sure I had messed things up and that I wouldn't hear back from him again - but nope. It seems that he's hooked. ;)

Fears about disappearing men definitely surface when I start dating someone new. In the several hours between the end of our date and his text later that night, I was already mourning what I thought I had lost with him.

This is where the "dating multiple people" part plays in... I got the assurance I needed that he was still very interested, and that night I also had a first date booked with another guy. This new guy was a bit of a gamble - he found me online, and he was one of those guys who only had one profile picture. It looked fine enough where I was willing to talk to him a little and give it a chance.

I walked into the restaurant and saw a blond guy sitting down. I wasn't sure it was him, but he stood up and greeted me. And he was tall. Wow.

So we sat down and started talking, and almost immediately I was drawn to him. He was definitely good looking, but it wasn't his looks that got me - it was his voice and the way he talked, quietly and slowly, that had me blushing within the first couple minutes. It defined sexy. I seriously could not wipe the smile off of my face.

I've thought about him a lot today. The date went well, and we had great moments - we connected, but I don't know if it's enough for a guy like him. There's nothing that I think I did wrong - it's just that he was one of those guys who is very wise, has a lot of passion, a lot of depth. He's on his own level. I've set my expectations low and have told myself I'll likely never see him again. So I'll just go ahead and name him Dreamy.

Part of me is glad we met. It makes me hopeful that I'll fall crazy in love someday, and it reminds me that guys like Blue and Peter are not even the best of the guys out there. The other part of me sees Dreamy and feels like I will never catch a guy like him - and that I'm going to have to settle if I ever want to get married.

Back in the day, I thought my first dates with Blue and Paolo went well, but I didn't think either would go for me or contact me again. But even so, I heard from both Blue and Paolo the day following the first date, and they let me know they were interested. Dreamy and I didn't text much before we met, just set up the date and that was it. It's been a full day now since our date, and I haven't heard from him.

The sad thing is, he impressed me so much that I'm forgetting why I even like the other guy I just started dating. This is bad...