Monday, September 29, 2014

Communication troubles

I'm a very quiet person. It works out well for me most of the time, though, because I enjoy being independent. It's why I have been fine being single for so long - I don't need another person's constant presence to entertain me or to feel like I'm okay. I do want to get married if it's the right person, and I get along best with people who bring out the talkative side in me.

All my past best friends have been girls who are very talkative themselves yet also elicit my extroverted side. Things work well with Dreamy because he's one of the people who can do that (although, to clarify, he is not a girl, haha). I think it's great that he shares a lot of qualities with my best friends of the past, but Dreamy and I have had some communication issues come up lately - they're problems with me though.

For the past few weeks, before we fall asleep, he has asked me to tell him something he doesn't know about me yet. The thing is, I've already told him many things I don't talk to anyone else about. I feel like he knows a whole lot about me - and he's so amazing at remembering the things I tell him. It's hard for me to answer such an open-ended question, and he asks me pretty frequently. Occasionally I'll tell him some trivial fact, but I've also encouraged him to ask me a specific question instead; that way I'd come up with a better answer. (He doesn't like to obey, though.)

I tell him, "I don't know what to tell you." I thought it was cute when, the other day, he responded, "You can tell me anything." He says he asks because he just wants to get to know more about me. I really want to be open with him, and be vulnerable, but I'm not good at it. I'm not an easy person to get to know. Thankfully, he's so sweet to me and very patient.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Talking in my dreams

According to Dreamy, I talk in my sleep. I heard this as well from a guy from my past, so I wasn't too surprised; but since Dreamy is someone I really care about, I am a little afraid I'm going to say something I would be embarrassed about! I asked Dreamy, "Have I said anything specific so far?"

He told me, "You only say important things."

WHAT?! I was really scared now, but I put on my best "calm" face and asked, "Like what?"

He said, "Well, actually, it just sounds like gibberish." I was relieved, but I sure hope I don't give anything away in the future!

In other news, things have been progressing measurably. Sundays used to be our date day (and night), but for the past several weekends, he's asked me out (well in advance) for Saturday instead. I used to wonder about what he did on the "prime" night of the weekend, but now I'm so happy he's included me (and that I don't have to stay up too late on Sundays anymore). I've gotten to see what he is like when he's had a little more to drink - he's really cute and tells me a lot more about how he feels!

I've mentioned before that a recent coworker of mine is related to him. I was so curious about digging for Dreamy dirt via this girl, but I held back since he told me he hadn't talked to her about me. I no longer work with her, so I'm not in touch with her anymore. Well, this past weekend, he said that he let her know about me! It was a big deal to me, since he's really close to his brother - and this girl is his brother's fiancee. So this means his brother knows now too. Also, lately he's been saying that his friends ask him about his weekend plans, and he tells him he has "date night" with me. I think this is adorable, because it's the first time he's admitted to telling his friends about me.

I feel like I've grown a lot since starting this blog. I keep calm and level-headed about this guy, and I seemed to have found one who is a true gentleman and has a big heart.