Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The plot thickens

Sometimes close analysis of a guy's words and actions is actually helpful. This is one of those times. After having several flirtatious conversations with Sam this week, yet not hearing from him outside of school, I began to try and piece things together. What was going on? Why was he taking so long to concretely ask me out?

Then I realized that he actually hadn't suggested getting drinks again since the first time we talked in the hallway at school. The day after the cocktail event this weekend, I spotted a photo of several of my classmates on my Facebook feed. I almost kept scrolling right through, when I realized I had seen a tall guy with black hair in the background. I zoomed in on the photo, and it was him. It was Sam. And the female classmate was sitting right next to him, less than 24 hours after I had realized I did feel a connection with him.

It didn't take too much longer for it to occur to me: what if "Why didn't I ask you out before?" really meant, "Why didn't I ask you out before I started going on dates with female classmate?"


So just like that, I put it together. He's fine flirting in person if our classmate isn't around, but he doesn't follow through because he knows that a date with me could possibly mean big trouble for him with this other girl. I admire and respect that he's being loyal to her. He seems like a player by the way he flirts, but if he doesn't follow through, at least that means he sticks with his girl. While I'm fine with dating several people at once, he's older, so maybe he has a different view on that. Or, maybe he would normally be fine with dating multiple people, but in this case, with dating two girls in the same business school class, there is a high likelihood they (i.e., we) would find out about each other quite quickly.

I'm sad all that excitement was probably for nothing. I doubt I'll see the guy much until 2016, because I won't be at school much for the rest of the year. I can hope that Sam and this girl will fizzle out by the time 2016 rolls around; she's definitely not the most attractive person, but she has a good personality going for her. I don't know though, part of me thinks I won't be single anymore by the time next semester begins.

And that brings me to my date with Blue last night. It was pretty amazing. He took me to a really nice restaurant, and things were just so easy with us. Talking to him was effortless, he looked great, he acted really interested, and I think he's ready for a girlfriend. He lives with his best friend, who has had a girlfriend for a while now, and I think this - plus the fact that he's two years more mature since the last time we dated - means he's on the prowl for something stable now too. Also, unlike Sam, lately Blue has been asking me out frequently. At the end of our date last night, he wanted to make plans for the same day he gets back in town from visiting his family for Thanksgiving.

So while I was disappointed to have this epiphany about Sam, I'm not going to let it stop me from being excited about Blue. It's nice to have an extremely gorgeous, fun guy express interest and try to be a regular part of my life (ahem, unlike Sam and Ted right now).

Monday, November 23, 2015

Stepping it up?

Blue finally asked me out to dinner last week. I hadn't seen him since Halloween weekend, so I was wondering what had taken him so long! We went out for wine and tapas and had a nice conversation. Our texts had been really cautious, so seeing each other made things easier; we could catch up properly without being afraid of asking certain questions.

He gave me a hug goodbye after dinner, and it surprised me a little when he said he would like to go out again, if I wasn't opposed to it. I'm not sure if he thought I might be opposed to it because he thought he had hurt me the way things ended last time or because he had thought I wasn't interested since I let him go when he stopped trying. I agreed, but my expectations are in check this time. I'm not even sure if he's the right guy for me; I am relieved that I find myself thinking about this realistically.

He asked me out for drinks on Friday, but I had plans and had to decline. The next time he texted me it was pretty confusing - he seemed almost afraid to ask. He asked if I was seeing anyone else and if we could go on a date. I thought our tapas night was a date? I guess it wasn't clear to him, and he wanted to define it. I agreed to a date, so we are going out tomorrow night.

Ted has been texting me daily, but I haven't seen him again. I would love to see him before Thanksgiving, but it looks like that won't happen. It took three months of Tinder messaging for him to finally ask me out, so I hope that's not how long I would have to wait around for for a second date.

I matched with a guy on Hinge who just started in my graduate program, Sam. We ran into each other at school for the first time a few weeks ago. He said he had seen me around school before. I had never noticed him before, though. I've mentioned it in previous posts, but I avoid eye contact with hot-looking guys when I walk by one; so it's likely we passed each other previously and I just never gave him a good look.

From our first conversation in the hallway, I thought there was chemistry. He asked if I wanted to get a drink with him soon, and I agreed, but he never followed up. I kind of got embarrassed by this and started avoiding him at school. This weekend, we had a school cocktail event, and a few hours prior to the event, a friend told me that Sam had recently been "hanging out" with one of our female classmates. I was surprised, since I had never thought of her as competition. It made me feel really awkward about potentially seeing Sam at the event.

Of course he was there. Again, I avoided him almost the entire time. At least the female classmate wasn't there. While I was at the bar, another new male student started chatting me up, and we talked for a while. At one point, Sam came up right next to me, so we finally greeted each other and quickly exchanged a few words. When this other kid started trying to dance with me, I made it clear I wasn't interested, and he left me alone. A little later, Sam finally came out to the dance floor, headed directly for me with a very seductive look in his eye. He has this look every time I see him.

We danced and talked for a while. There was a lot of chemistry. And then he asked me why I was so "weird" in the hall when we first met. I was shocked by this and asked what he meant, and eventually he admitted that it seemed like I wasn't interested. I had no idea I was acting that way in that moment. He also told me I had given him a death glare in the hallway the time after that, which I also had no idea I was doing. Oops. I told him I obviously couldn't control my face and that I hadn't meant it. Our whole conversation was really playful. It was so entertaining talking to him - it was like being around him magically gave me more energy. He's a smooth guy, I admit, but near the end of our conversation, he was like, "Why didn't I ask you out before?" I told him I didn't know - that was his problem.

I saw him in school again this morning, and it was really nice talking to him for just a few minutes. I am crushing hard right now. We're both staying in town for Thanksgiving, so I hope he actually asks me out instead of vaguely asking me out like he has several times now. Even if he turns out to be one of those charismatic, player-type guys, I think I would thoroughly enjoy spending a few hours out with him.

This Sam thing makes me wonder though: every time that things appear to get normal with Blue, why does another shiny object pop up and distract me?

Monday, November 16, 2015

Apparently I'm an expert at running into this guy

I don't go to clubs much these days, but that doesn't mean I'm getting more mature. Business school, limited responsibilities, and my single status mean that I'm back to acting like a younger version of myself. A couple of girl friends invited me to a club this weekend to see a DJ play, and I jumped on it, recalling the good times back from my club days. We danced a bunch, we laughed at some hipster guy's intentionally ridiculous (but hilarious) dance moves. I stood outside the men's room as my girl friends ran in, one of them shouting that she was using the urinal. Ridiculous and so inappropriate but I wouldn't trade it.

Eventually we decided to change the scenery and Uber back to our usual hangout spot, a cluster of dive bars. Continuing their silly behavior, my girl friends danced ridiculously through the bar as we searched for a spot to park ourselves. That's when my gaze zeroed in on Chase. Of course he was there, and this time it had nothing to do with my roomie's orchestration. Chase was buying his drink and didn't see me, so I stuck my rear out and ass-butted him as a greeting. Lee was there too and gave me a hug. Lee immediately wanted to start chatting with me about my two friends. They were still being silly and he was like, "Where did you meet these girls?! They look like so much fun!"

Compared to Lee, Chase remained fairly distant, and at some point I realized Chase was there with another girl. I hadn't talked to Chase since Halloween, when I texted him a picture of Lee dressed up as a girl. Chase's new arm candy was boring-looking in my opinion but wasn't unattractive. She looked a little like me (but while it's catty and immature, she was frankly dressed like a slob).

Lately my sentiment about Chase was that I loved our good times and the way he made me feel, but he had eventually bored me, partly from his inaction and partly because he stopped making me feel the way he initially made me feel. Lately my sentiment was that I still liked him as a person and that I might be friends with him at some point in the future because he was a fun drinking buddy. Yet seeing him that night, seeing him with another girl, made me loathe him in that moment. I kind of still feel that way.

I didn't think of it at the time, but later, for a few moments, I wished I had made out with Lee in front of Chase, just to spite him. I know my history with Lee was something that bothered Chase, and I wanted Chase to feel bothered. In hindsight, I'm glad I didn't do this or think of this at the time - it would be a new low of immaturity. I know I like a couple of my current options better than Chase, but still, seeing him with someone new got to me. And I was surprised it got to me. I thought I had mostly moved on and didn't care much about what Chase has been up to. I think the part that bothers me is knowing that he has moved on, knowing that he is putting some level of effort into another girl, which frankly he never did with me. With us, from his end, it was mostly accidental and convenience.

Thankfully, in addition to running into Chase at the bar, a bunch of our other girl friends were already there. I had so much fun with them that night and didn't let seeing Chase get me down. I don't even know why I felt like writing this - probably partially to clear my mind of the nagging thought of him on that night. I guess this is what closes the book on the Chase story.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

My human teddy bear

Sometimes a guy totally surprises me, in that my initial intuitions were all wrong about him. Last week, Ted asked me on a real date - dinner and drinks. I couldn't believe it - a dinner date request from the guy who I thought I would only see out at the bar.

Based on his texts and the fact that he is an engineer, I expected him to be quiet and possibly awkward. Additionally, the only time I had seen him in person before this date was at a bar, when he was in his Halloween costume (which was fairly concealing), so I was looking forward to seeing him in regular clothes to assess his normal appearance.

Ted and I went out a couple of nights ago. I was relieved to see that, in his normal dress, he looked just like his pictures - he was really cute. (I call him Ted because he reminds me of a blond, human teddy bear. Awww.)

Also, I wasn't expecting him to be so chatty. He was a great conversationalist, and we had a lot in common in terms of lifestyle and things we like to do for fun. He wasn't awkward in the least. I must have smiled for the entire date.

We had only been communicating on the apps and hadn't exchanged numbers prior to the date. He didn't kiss me, so I headed home knowing I had a great time but unsure of his thoughts towards me. It seemed like he could have a decent time with almost any girl.

A little while after I had arrived back home, a message from Ted came in through the app. He said he had enjoyed his time with me and asked for my phone number, because he had forgotten to in person. The combination of items in his message made me feel a little giddy - they hit on exactly what I had wanted to hear. Furthermore, I was extremely impressed with him that he asked for my number. Since my last relationship, every single phone number exchange I've had via the dating apps has been the guy giving his number instead of asking for mine - annoying but a fact of life these days.

I also thought he could be a fratty player, but he was a gentleman the entire date - through his words and his actions. I'm excited about the fact that this is a guy I could have real dates with but who also goes to the same bars as my friends and me.

And what about Blue, you may be wondering? Well, he has vaguely asked me out (no time or date requested) and also requested that I take him "sometime" to this bar I've been telling him about. Our texts are pretty boring right now. I know I'm trying to take it slow and not assume anything, so my texts are very cautious - and I can sense the same thing from his. I read some of our texts from two years ago on my old phone, and it was definitely the old me back then: it seems like I asked him out a lot of the time. I'm not doing that this time, and I'm perfectly fine with waiting around for him to make a move. It's nice to feel content whether he is in my life or not.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Boys, boys, boys

Maybe my blog should be called Boys, Boys, Boys. My posts are full of them! Well, let's cut to the chase (look at that pun!) - my date a couple Fridays ago. I went on a date with a teacher (who has the same name as Chase in real life). He looked so cute in his pictures and we had had great text conversations, but he looked totally different in person. Within the first few words out of his mouth, I knew I wasn't attracted. I tried to be lively and fake it throughout our interaction, but I was definitely forcing it. We had a pretty good conversation and I continued to text him afterwards, but he has been clingy-ish and texting too much; I have decided I'm not going to give him another chance because I have started to feel irritated hearing from him. Not a good sign.

I have been talking to a guy since August (!!) on Tinder, and since we have connected on another dating app too. He is the one who has never asked me out. We'll call him Ted. Well, we ran into each other in a bar on Friday, which meant we were both in Halloween costumes. Mine that night happened to involve a bikini top, so secret's out - now he knows how small my boobs are. Ha. Also, one of his friends immediately shouted out the names of the two dating apps right after Ted and I greeted each other. I'm wondering how his friend knew!? Ted must have been talking about me beforehand, which amuses me. I talked to Ted for a couple minutes and then went back to my friends. He ended up messaging me a few times the next day, but who knows if we'll ever actually meet up on purpose. Seems like another late-night-bar-hangout-only guy in the making. I want to see him again though, in normal clothes this time, to do a better physical assessment. ;)

The biggest news of all is that I ran into Blue on Friday as well, in a Halloween store. Yes, Blue, from two years ago! I tend not to make eye contact with potentially hot-looking guys I spot in public, and I saw a guy out of the corner of my eye talking on the phone. I didn't recognize him. He ended his phone call and came up to me after I walked to the next aisle over. He introduced himself, because I hadn't recognized him - he was one of the last people I would expect to see out somewhere. Blue looked unbelievably gorgeous. His hair was different - it almost looked a little red (and he insisted he didn't dye it).

He is the one who seemed to lose interest and stopped trying to make plans, so it was weird that he genuinely seemed interested in catching up right there in the Halloween store. What's more is that he also wanted to meet up on Halloween. I hadn't done my hair and was in my gym clothes, pre-workout, but I could tell he was interested. I was flattered. Right there, all of those old feelings came back from when we were first dating.

So, Blue has been texting me again. I am very curious to see what comes of this!