Sunday, November 1, 2015

Boys, boys, boys

Maybe my blog should be called Boys, Boys, Boys. My posts are full of them! Well, let's cut to the chase (look at that pun!) - my date a couple Fridays ago. I went on a date with a teacher (who has the same name as Chase in real life). He looked so cute in his pictures and we had had great text conversations, but he looked totally different in person. Within the first few words out of his mouth, I knew I wasn't attracted. I tried to be lively and fake it throughout our interaction, but I was definitely forcing it. We had a pretty good conversation and I continued to text him afterwards, but he has been clingy-ish and texting too much; I have decided I'm not going to give him another chance because I have started to feel irritated hearing from him. Not a good sign.

I have been talking to a guy since August (!!) on Tinder, and since we have connected on another dating app too. He is the one who has never asked me out. We'll call him Ted. Well, we ran into each other in a bar on Friday, which meant we were both in Halloween costumes. Mine that night happened to involve a bikini top, so secret's out - now he knows how small my boobs are. Ha. Also, one of his friends immediately shouted out the names of the two dating apps right after Ted and I greeted each other. I'm wondering how his friend knew!? Ted must have been talking about me beforehand, which amuses me. I talked to Ted for a couple minutes and then went back to my friends. He ended up messaging me a few times the next day, but who knows if we'll ever actually meet up on purpose. Seems like another late-night-bar-hangout-only guy in the making. I want to see him again though, in normal clothes this time, to do a better physical assessment. ;)

The biggest news of all is that I ran into Blue on Friday as well, in a Halloween store. Yes, Blue, from two years ago! I tend not to make eye contact with potentially hot-looking guys I spot in public, and I saw a guy out of the corner of my eye talking on the phone. I didn't recognize him. He ended his phone call and came up to me after I walked to the next aisle over. He introduced himself, because I hadn't recognized him - he was one of the last people I would expect to see out somewhere. Blue looked unbelievably gorgeous. His hair was different - it almost looked a little red (and he insisted he didn't dye it).

He is the one who seemed to lose interest and stopped trying to make plans, so it was weird that he genuinely seemed interested in catching up right there in the Halloween store. What's more is that he also wanted to meet up on Halloween. I hadn't done my hair and was in my gym clothes, pre-workout, but I could tell he was interested. I was flattered. Right there, all of those old feelings came back from when we were first dating.

So, Blue has been texting me again. I am very curious to see what comes of this!


  1. I maintain that they always come back around! Good luck finding out how things shake out this time, you just never know. :-)

    1. Haha, totally, a lot of them do! The great thing about dating apps is that if you are talking to an ex again, at least you don't place too much weight on getting back with him or any other expectations - because you have other guys you are thinking about too.