Monday, November 23, 2015

Stepping it up?

Blue finally asked me out to dinner last week. I hadn't seen him since Halloween weekend, so I was wondering what had taken him so long! We went out for wine and tapas and had a nice conversation. Our texts had been really cautious, so seeing each other made things easier; we could catch up properly without being afraid of asking certain questions.

He gave me a hug goodbye after dinner, and it surprised me a little when he said he would like to go out again, if I wasn't opposed to it. I'm not sure if he thought I might be opposed to it because he thought he had hurt me the way things ended last time or because he had thought I wasn't interested since I let him go when he stopped trying. I agreed, but my expectations are in check this time. I'm not even sure if he's the right guy for me; I am relieved that I find myself thinking about this realistically.

He asked me out for drinks on Friday, but I had plans and had to decline. The next time he texted me it was pretty confusing - he seemed almost afraid to ask. He asked if I was seeing anyone else and if we could go on a date. I thought our tapas night was a date? I guess it wasn't clear to him, and he wanted to define it. I agreed to a date, so we are going out tomorrow night.

Ted has been texting me daily, but I haven't seen him again. I would love to see him before Thanksgiving, but it looks like that won't happen. It took three months of Tinder messaging for him to finally ask me out, so I hope that's not how long I would have to wait around for for a second date.

I matched with a guy on Hinge who just started in my graduate program, Sam. We ran into each other at school for the first time a few weeks ago. He said he had seen me around school before. I had never noticed him before, though. I've mentioned it in previous posts, but I avoid eye contact with hot-looking guys when I walk by one; so it's likely we passed each other previously and I just never gave him a good look.

From our first conversation in the hallway, I thought there was chemistry. He asked if I wanted to get a drink with him soon, and I agreed, but he never followed up. I kind of got embarrassed by this and started avoiding him at school. This weekend, we had a school cocktail event, and a few hours prior to the event, a friend told me that Sam had recently been "hanging out" with one of our female classmates. I was surprised, since I had never thought of her as competition. It made me feel really awkward about potentially seeing Sam at the event.

Of course he was there. Again, I avoided him almost the entire time. At least the female classmate wasn't there. While I was at the bar, another new male student started chatting me up, and we talked for a while. At one point, Sam came up right next to me, so we finally greeted each other and quickly exchanged a few words. When this other kid started trying to dance with me, I made it clear I wasn't interested, and he left me alone. A little later, Sam finally came out to the dance floor, headed directly for me with a very seductive look in his eye. He has this look every time I see him.

We danced and talked for a while. There was a lot of chemistry. And then he asked me why I was so "weird" in the hall when we first met. I was shocked by this and asked what he meant, and eventually he admitted that it seemed like I wasn't interested. I had no idea I was acting that way in that moment. He also told me I had given him a death glare in the hallway the time after that, which I also had no idea I was doing. Oops. I told him I obviously couldn't control my face and that I hadn't meant it. Our whole conversation was really playful. It was so entertaining talking to him - it was like being around him magically gave me more energy. He's a smooth guy, I admit, but near the end of our conversation, he was like, "Why didn't I ask you out before?" I told him I didn't know - that was his problem.

I saw him in school again this morning, and it was really nice talking to him for just a few minutes. I am crushing hard right now. We're both staying in town for Thanksgiving, so I hope he actually asks me out instead of vaguely asking me out like he has several times now. Even if he turns out to be one of those charismatic, player-type guys, I think I would thoroughly enjoy spending a few hours out with him.

This Sam thing makes me wonder though: every time that things appear to get normal with Blue, why does another shiny object pop up and distract me?

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