Friday, June 20, 2014

Cloud nine

I've been seeing a lot of Guy No. 1, who I first brought up a couple posts ago. He's really great, and really sweet to me, and I can tell he actually wants a relationship. He has his life together and has an amazing job, body, house, accomplishments... I've really started to have feelings for him, but...

Then I had my second date with Dreamy this week. I've been thinking about him quite a lot since our first date, but since we were able to get together again, it kind of took him off of a pedestal - so that I can see him as a real guy who I could actually be with. We can joke around, he's really curious about things, and he just overall impresses me. What's happening is that I feel like I'm falling for his personality. He's so different. We even had our first kiss, and it just put me on cloud nine.

Do you guys ever think about your favorite date of all time? Mine is definitely this guy.

The thing is, I hate having viable options between guys! I can sense that Guy No. 1 is going to ask for a commitment soon... He's already asked a little about whether I've been seeing other guys, and he told me he took down his dating profile because he's interested in just seeing me. A while back he told me he went on a couple dates with one other girl around the same time we met but that he doesn't want to talk to her anymore. I didn't say much back or make any promises to him (and he doesn't know I have two dating profiles, haha). He's definitely husband material but being exclusive with him means I can't see Dreamy anymore - something I don't even want to think about! Dreamy is a little older than Guy No. 1, but I can tell he's fine being independent and that the process is going to go more slowly with him. In comparison, Guy No. 1 seems to have a little more of a codependent personality.

Committing to him terrifies me right now, though. I don't know if I'm psyching myself out, or if a lot of girls have a fear of commitment too, even if it's to the right guy. Or maybe this means he's the wrong guy... I don't know!

Maybe I just like that Dreamy is more of a mystery.


  1. You definitely should NOT be exclusive if you feel like you are missing out getting to know Dreamy! Dating is about getting to know people at the pace you're comfortable with, and you also want to be fair since Guy No. 1 seems like a good guy. And if committing sounds terrifying, it's not the right time. Maybe you call just tell Guy 1 that you really like spending time with him but want to get to know him a little better because exclusivity is not something you take lightly?

    1. That's a genius line to use with Guy No. 1 - thank you! It's just going so fast, and he wants to spend a lot of time together a little too soon. I hope he doesn't end up scaring me away, because I do like him!