Friday, December 19, 2014

Introductions and the holidays

The past couple months have been busy with recruiting and then finals, but hopefully by mid-January I'll have some internship offers in hand!

It has been a while, so some Dreamy updates are in order. I didn't visit family for Thanksgiving, and neither did he, so Dreamy invited me over to cook and have dessert. I was relieved that he didn't plan for the traditional Thanksgiving foods (I am not a fan of those, unless it's pie!), but unfortunately, I didn't like the way I seasoned/cooked my contribution to the meal. He didn't mind, which was nice, but I hate when things don't go exactly as planned when I cook for someone (especially when he purchased the ingredients and they were expensive). Fortunately, life went on.

He also invited me to his office Christmas party, with the warning that he doesn't share personal details about his life with coworkers - so they might ask some awkward questions. The really funny part is that the office secretary is obsessed with him and a while ago asked him if they could get married and adopt an ethnic baby together; and yes, this inappropriate secretary was going to be at the Christmas party. She ended up behaving, though, and didn't seem upset that I was there. Dreamy introduced me to every single person at the party, and we did get asked a couple times how we met. We didn't prepare an answer together for this question, so I was really surprised that he was honest and said we met online. I'm fine with my close friends knowing where I found the guy, but my family members aside from my sister don't know about him; and I don't feel great about the thought of talking to them in the future about this online dating business. The most recent thing my family heard about my dating life was a high school boyfriend. I feel like talking to them about guys would practically kill me - the thought of it makes my stomach churn.

This weekend, I'll be going to a holiday party hosted by one of Dreamy's friends. One weird thing about dating an older guy is that all his friends are married couples, so that is what the party will be like. I still feel bad that Dreamy has not met any of my friends (besides my roommate). I kind of like keeping my school friends to myself; I like going out independently and not worrying about whether or not my date is having fun and having to introduce him. Also, my non-school girl friends are single, so if he hung out with us, it would be a bunch of girls out at the bars Dreamy feels a little too old for. Yes, these are the silly things I worry about.

Hope you all have a great holiday!


  1. Happy holidays! I hope you have a great time!

    I'm always surprised when people are so open about online dating and it being how you met. But massive points to Dreamy for being so nonchalant about it!

    I'm glad you didn't have an problems with inappropriate secretary. Good luck with finals and the internship applications (I know what a pain they can be!)

  2. I'd say meeting online is the norm these days, not the exception! Looking at my friends, the majority of coupled up ones (minus those who met their person in college) met online. I used to be embarrassed when people asked where I'd met my boyfriend, but now when I say "we met online", I try to use a tone that indicates "of course we met online, where else does anyone meet these days you idiot?!"