Friday, May 10, 2013

Hot Date

In less than two hours, I have a hot date. Instead of figuring out what I'm going to wear (because it's stressing me out), I am writing a blog post. Oh well. It's the first guy in a while that I've been excited about.

A couple of patterns have been arising in first dates lately:

1. Horrible kissers. What is with guys? Maybe I have had the privilege of dating a lot of good to excellent kissers up until March of 2013, but hot damn. We've got a bunch of clueless twenty-somethings out there, and I'm hitting the worst kissers all right in a row.

2. Overeager texters. Seriously, don't these dudes know the rules? Don't reply immediately all the time, and don't freaking text me five times in a row before I answer! So annoying. I just ignore the first few ones and only address the last text. Ridiculous. I'm this close to dumping a guy I had a great first date with because of this. It makes him seem really needy and desperate.

Thankfully, my date is not an overeager texter. We'll see about the kissing skillz...


  1. Hope your date went well! Both of your pet peeves are legit. But both seem like they can be amended with some training :)

  2. Thank you! Sometimes you just get this feeling that you think it is going to be great, and it was! You're so right, but I like them pre-trained.