Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Part two and more

The morning after the wedding festivities were over, Arms picked me up to whisk me away to my second destination of the weekend. He was staying a few hours away, so we road-tripped the distance. I was exhausted from drinking and didn't feel like I was good company, but it was good to see him.

He hadn't really explored the area he was living in yet. He was taking a few days off of work so we could play around in the city, so we found a really cool bar to hit up to extend our weekend. I had a bitter and delicious Campari drink, but it only pushed me further into my sleepy spell. Our "night out" didn't make it much longer.

We spent the next couple days cooking for each other, trying restaurants, going to a museum, trying out public transportation, and seeing the sights. I felt like we didn't talk too much though. There was a lot of silence, and while it felt okay, later it had me questioning whether Arms is right for me or not. I'm a pretty quiet person, and need the right people to bring me out of my shell.

I bid him goodbye and flew back home not knowing what to think, but by the end of the week, I was missing him again. He flew home the next weekend, and our experience was totally different. Maybe I just felt comfortable with him over at my place, and us out exploring my city, or maybe it was the fact that I wasn't hungover, but things fell right back into place once he was visiting back home. We had an amazing dinner out, and we felt great being silly with each other.

I really missed him when he had to leave town again, but he'd be moving back in just a few more weeks -- which brings us to now and the present week.

He had a fun surprise for me the day before he got back. He told me he an exploding job offer at his temp location, 800 miles away from me, but didn't have an offer back home. He's back here with me for a couple months, and he finds out in the next couple days if staying here is possible. He's in a really specialized field, and there's a very limited number of places he can work. If he turns it down for my sake, he doesn't have any promise of a job. We know what a hefty bill grad school loans can run, so going where the job is might be a necessity.

It's hard to know what to think. The possibility that he won't be here has gotten my wheels turning, going over what I really have with him. He has almost every last thing that I can ask for in a guy. Things are secure with him, and I don't want to lose it. I know he doesn't want to lose me either, so he's also at a loss of what to do. He's trying to pull some strings here but is running out of time with this exploding offer. He says his schedule over there would leave him a lot of time to travel back to visit me, and he'd only have to stay there one year and then has a spot to come back.

Leaving is not an option for me, since I start grad school in a couple months. Isn't it crazy, after years of dating and going out with dozens of guys, that when you finally find the good one, this would happen? I'm at this place where I'm ready to stop partying, and I feel this sudden urge to be domesticated and spend my weekend nights chilling at home with my guy. I'm changing. And now? It really looks like I'll have to do long distance with the first guy I've been serious about. I think he's worth it, but honestly, I feel like I'll feel so alone without him here. I'll be wanting to go on dates, wanting to use him as an excuse for not staying out late drinking too much with the girls on a Friday, and feeling like we are so far apart because phones don't close the gap.

Time will tell, as usual. Probably tomorrow.


  1. Just so I have my facts straight, this exploding offer would keep him 800 miles from you? Otherwise, would he live even further away from you?

    I think long distance relationships can work if (and only if) there's a definitive point where it will not be long distance, i.e. the end of a job contract, graduation, or someone plans to move. Since it sounds like you both have things going on that have distinct time frames (job for him, school for you), it could be worth exploring this relationship for a bit longer before decided you definitely are going to keep going, or cut it off.

    Please update us soon! :)

  2. Yes, the offer would keep him 800 miles away. If he didn't take it and waited it out, he's likely to have a spot that would allow us to stay in the same city! I will update soon. :)