Monday, August 11, 2014

Not going away

It's tough to decide what to write about when things are going well! In older posts, I've talked about being excited after a great first date, about feeling insecure about whether a relationship was doomed or not, and about annoyances arising from various offenses guys have committed against me...

But things really are going well with Dreamy. We continue building on our inside jokes and come up with new things to tease each other about. He's still decisive and thoughtful about planning dates (we've been on nine now!), and he still takes me to awesome restaurants. He remains the kind person who appreciates the world around him and everything he has. He amuses me with silly words he uses and nicknames he gives to things. He's also super cute - something I'm not convinced that he realizes. ;)

I'd say he knows me pretty well by now, but he is trying to learn more. I'm a very private person, so usually once I hit this point it's hard for me to talk about deeper things and the thoughts and feelings I rarely vocalize to anyone. For me, it's pretty much wading into uncharted territory. He makes it easier though...he asks follow-up questions, validates what I say, and lets me know he really does want to know. And he likes that he's found something that makes me shy. For some reason though, it's easier for me to express some of those things to a really close girlfriend than it is to the guy I'm interested in.

At this point, I know he likes me from his actions, and I'm not worried about him disappearing. I'm not anxious about things getting the "official" stamp. I know all is well - I don't need that reassurance yet. We still have milestones to hit - he finally met one of my friends (who just moved in with me), and I have yet to meet his. It would be fun to go out together with a group. We haven't had our first dance, and we've been mostly sober on all our dates. I'm glad we don't use drinking as a crutch while we're together - Do you ever find that you can't remember what you talked about on a second or third date because you had several drinks?? - but it would be fun to get the buzz on a little more sometime.

I'm happy though, that we have things to look forward to!

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  1. Glad it's going well! I do agree that it would be fun to get a buzz on. There are times where I've had too much to drink and forget what I've said (usually overshare) and I panic the next day. But a buzz is nice.