Saturday, January 21, 2017

Cali girl

It has been forever. I'm not dating anymore, so there hasn't been much drama to report. I've been with my BF for almost nine months, so that helps explain where all this time has gone.

I met him on the last day of business school, at an event for school. He was clear with his intentions from the start, and I liked that. And he's been fantastic ever since.

In other news, I started my rotational program and am nearing the end of my first assignment. I was asked to move to a location that I didn't expect. It's a small but funky city, and I live in an incredible, renovated 1920s building with a bunch of the city's great restaurants one to two blocks away. I've had fun here, but since I haven't been dating, I haven't been going out much. There are a lot of undergrad students in this small city; I don't identify with them much now that I've settled into life after grad school.

I have had the itch to get out of here for a while now. This past week, I received some news I knew would come eventually: my next assignment is in San Francisco.

In a little over a month, I'll be a Cali girl! I can already picture myself trotting around Nob Hill, with my little doggie in tow. I'll have to teach him to be a little prissier.

I can barely contain my excitement. :)


  1. Very exciting about the relationship and move to SF! Is the BF moving with you?

    I live in Nob Hill and it's not quite as snobby as it was back in the old days, which actually gave the neighborhood its name. It's a nice diverse mix of residents and close to everything.

    P.S. Once you become a local, you'll stop saying "Cali" ;)

  2. Congrats on everything! It sounds like you've really settled into a lot of good things, and very exciting about the job! Same question as Sabrina, what will happen with the BF? Best of luck on all the upcoming adventures!

  3. Hi!!

    I've been going a little overboard with apartment research online, but I'm so excited to apartment shop in person in the next couple of weeks. I am especially looking forward to seeing what Nob Hill is like on the weekend :)

    BF will finish business school and then move to New York. Not the ideal distance, but we've been long distance almost the entire time we've been together anyway. He's never been to SF, or even California for that matter, so I am planning to sell it hard when he visits and see if I can convince him SF >> NYC ;)

    Haha, I had a feeling "Cali" wasn't a popular term with the locals, but I figured I'd use it instead of giving away SF in the title. Thanks for the street knowledge, haha.

    And thank you, Bluemoon!