Saturday, April 1, 2017

Settling in

I've been living in SF for almost two weeks now. I have been on many work trips here, but it is so different being here full-time. It is starting to sink in that this is for real. I love this place.

I ended up choosing an apartment in Lower Nob Hill so that I'd be a short walk from work. My place is historic but with some modern renovations, which is just the feel I wanted. I am a little upset with myself for being so impatient to sign a lease; in early February, there wasn't much inventory in Nob Hill proper, but a week or two later, a bunch of apartments freed up. Oh well. I have a huge studio and a huge closet, and a bunch of cute bars are nearby. The kitchen is my favorite part. I have shiny white modern cabinets, gray quartz, and a super unique backsplash. I went all out redecorating and have been very pleased seeing all my choices come together. However, tracking the shipping of twenty-plus online orders (including some furniture) was practically a full-time job!

I had three happy hours during my first week with my new work group, so I can tell this is going to be a super fun crowd. Between my post-MBA work cohort, these new coworkers, and a few business school classmates, it is nice to already know a few people in the city. One of my classmates keeps asking to hang out, but I'm quickly realizing this group is about drinking a lot, staying out really late, and watching sports. Sports was never my thing, but lately, I'm all about fancy cocktails, nice dinners, and being in bed by 11 pm. I'm not going to do things I don't like just to feel like I have friends, so I'm just going to have to meet some new people who like the same things.

I am noticing how rude the guys are here: rushing just to get a spot in line in front of me, not holding doors open, stuff like that. It's pretty shocking, having lived in the South for much of my life. In comparison, SF guys aren't chivalrous whatsoever.

Also, I have been getting a million steps a day here. I'm exhausted at the end of each day from that, but I love it. Seeing the city on foot is part of the excitement. I reactivated my ClassPass membership, but I have been too tired to spin as often as I normally would. Oh well, more yoga, and less dollars spent on ClassPass! A million steps a day is a free workout, after all. ;) Ok, time to explore some more. Goodnight!


  1. Welcome to the hood! Sounds like you're having a blast. This is a great city to move to as an adult, because everyone likes to have fun, try new things, and meet new people!

    I love that this neighborhood lets you walk everywhere and there's multiple bus lines running through. Even if I take a rest day from the gym, I manage to get at least 10K steps from commuting and every day activity.

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