Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Adventures in Guy Land

I've met a few new people - guys since my last post and have completely lost interest in Rugby Guy. The good thing is, I know he'll be fine getting along without me. He's a big boy. The bad thing is, I haven't told him I'm done with him yet. He ended up tagging along in a friend group that was going out for drinks on the Fourth of July, and that day I think I really realized I was done with him.

He asked about my plans for Friday - the next night - and I told him I was going to a concert so I wouldn't see him. He texted me Friday asking for my friend's number so he could go out with my group of friends while I was at the concert. I gave the number to him but my friend purposefully left him hanging about their plans.

I met a guy at the concert Friday night, and he's really cute, tall, in great shape, and has a great job. My hangups about him are 1) He lives an hour away from me, 2) He smokes cigarettes and that's nasty, 3) He seems very eager, and 4) He's not the best kisser - kind of sloppy. He just moved here and lives in a small town outside of the city, so I can see why he's excited to have met a girl. I'll consider him for a little longer but I have my doubts.

Last weekend we went to a guy's apartment to meet up with a group then go out to the bars. There were seven or eight people there including myself, but I noticed one guy in particular right away - the one that lived at the apartment. All of us ended up piling into a tiny cab to go out. Supposedly the guys had called for a larger cab, but it was way better with the small one. I somehow ended up sitting half on the cute guy's lap and half on another guy's lap. I talk kind of loudly, so the ride there was really funny. The cute guy kept shushing me and not surprisingly it was pretty cute the way he did it. ;)

I talked to Cute Guy a good bit at the first bar, but then we got separated in the walk to the second bar. I was really worried I'd lose him for the rest of the night, but thankfully he finally showed up at our next destination and we talked some more. We found ourselves at the bar and he kissed me. And he was excellent - one of the better kissers in quite a while. I definitely noticed this fact, but he later complimented me on my kissing skills. Nice! So we kind of kissed a lot the rest of the time we were at the bar, and all of a sudden it was last call and it was time to go home. So we got into another cab - a van this time, darn! - and headed back to Cute Guy's apartment. My car was there, but I definitely couldn't drive. So he invited me to stay there. I did sleep in his bed, but I either blacked out or fell asleep within minutes of getting inside the apartment. So I don't think anything too exciting happened.

Cute Guy's friend JJ is really into my roomie, so the four of us went out on an unlabeled weekday outing a few days after our first meetup. It's funny though, because Cute Guy and I like each other, but my roomie does not like JJ. It was awkwardly but unspoken-ly a double date. I realized before we went out to dinner that I knew absolutely nothing about Cute Guy except that he said he's normally a pretty quiet guy. We ended up having a lot in common, though, and I may see him again this weekend when the group goes out.

New guy number three is really, really exciting. He has gorgeous blue eyes, so I'll call him Blue. I usually date guys who look more like boys than men - shorter guys, who are in shape but not very muscular. Blue is different - he looks like a man. Honestly I'm surprised he's interested in me, but things have been pretty different this year in getting to date the guys I've wanted to date. I wasn't expecting much for our first date. He wasn't too talkative online and wrote pretty short messages, but I just decided to give him a chance since he was cute and he wanted to see me.

Our first date was really great. We went to a rooftop bar on a warm day and just got along really well. It was so unexpected. Blue and I went out again last weekend (while I was ignoring Rugby Guy) and had dinner. During our first date, we had talked about this secret bar, so after dinner we decided to see if we could get into the bar. Well, we plotted how we were going to get in, but I ended up messing it up so we had to make other plans. Some of my friends were going out dancing, so we decided to meet up with them. Normally I love to dance, but the music wasn't great and I wasn't that tipsy. I was feeling a little self-conscious and awkward dancing in the group/in front of Blue, but then Blue and I started dancing together and it was all better. He's fun to kiss as well - he makes it kind of like a game and it's just really endearing. Just the way he looks at me makes me really like him.

Blue's really good-looking, he got along with my friends, and also, his arm muscles are fantastic. We like to do a lot of the same things as far as lifestyle goes - going out dancing, nice restaurants, having nice drinks. That's honestly something I like a lot in a guy - can't stand when they want fast food and cheap ass beer at dive bars all the time and they don't want to go to clubs.

In other words, so many guys... I am excited for the rest of the summer to play out. :)


  1. Enjoy the wealth of options! Isn't that what summer is about? :)

  2. You go girl!! Play the field. You're having fun, you're being safe, and you're not sketchy. Enjoy.