Thursday, May 29, 2014

Bring on the unexpected

I finally have another d-d-d-date! It's a date that may actually be promising - you know, since on my last one I ended up ditching the dude under the guise of "going to the bathroom."

So this new guy is already in the grad program I'm about to start, but we met online... I sure hope everything remains civil, just in case we ever run into each other on campus. But that's getting ahead of things! To top things off, the date is on a Saturday night (The Rules women would be proud) at a super cool restaurant/bar. To be truthful, the reason my last several (okay, four, but who's counting?) dates didn't go well is because the guys weren't too attractive in reality; they just had a couple pictures that turned out good for them, or their photos disguised a really thin body or their (lack of) height. In the past, I've had a ton of luck meeting smart, sweet hotties online - hopefully that streak hasn't ended!

In other news, I am traveling to New York City in several days for a school-related career event, and I'm staying with a possibly hot, very successful guy who graduated from Harvard and has a badass apartment. I've never met the guy before, and the way I arranged this living situation is a little unconventional, but I'm incredibly excited about the adventure. Bring on the unexpected, I say.


  1. Bring on the unexpected, and bring the mace with you. Just in case.

    Whats with the Saturday night rules? Is it just having them ask for a date in advance type of thing?

  2. Haha, and I'll practice my disabling high kick too. By "unexpected," I'm hoping for exciting new adventures, and hopefully NOT getting kidnapped and held for ransom.

    The Rules says that Saturdays are the more "serious" date night, and you know a guy is keeping you an important part of his life by continuing to book Saturday night dates with you. Sounds reasonable to me, and makes me feel more important than getting a random Monday or Tuesday date.

  3. That sounds promising! Though bold to give up your Saturday night for a first date, I hope he is worth it :)

    How did you arrange staying with a hottie in NY? AirBnB?

    1. So it was definitely worth it! Normally I wouldn't offer a Saturday so early on, but it was the only night that would work before I went out of town. More details later ;)

      And I found him on Couchsurfing. Kinda sketchy, I know, but it seems like a great community. Have you tried AirBnB before??