Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Awkward situations, ex sightings, and a gift

Since I started school again, I've been pretty bad about keeping in contact with my girl friends in town. Fortunately, a friend (Bee) texted me last week, asking me to go out to a brand new upscale bar on Friday and also to be her "wingwoman." I got excited about the new bar and seeing my friend, and as a result, I didn't think through what a wingwoman's role entailed.

I met up with Bee, and she told me had been talking to this military guy on Tinder. He lived a couple hours away from the city and was driving in with a guy friend to meet us. Since I have Dreamy, obviously I wasn't trying to make a double date out of it. Bee assured me the guy friend didn't have any expectations, plus we'd be meeting another group of people there (a group I mostly didn't know, though).

Unfortunately, the two guys were the first to meet us at the bar. Bee and her Tinder date were eager to chat, so it immediately felt like a double date. Even if I wasn't dating Dreamy, the guy I was "paired" off with was definitely not a match - he was shorter than me as well as four or five years younger! He was a really nice guy and was surprisingly nice to talk to even though he was way, way too young for me. At one point in the conversation, he said, speaking of a location we were talking about, "If I ever take you there..." I was confused by this because I kind of had a bad reaction when we discovered our age differences.

Thankfully, I got some delicious drinks out of the night and had fun as well; also, the awkward situation was alleviated by the fact that a phone-number-exchange opportunity never arrived and because I left before midnight. The no-expectations promise was kept! (Bee told me the next day that they had tried to find "my" guy another girl after I left but did not succeed.)

When Dreamy and I had our date the next night, I started to tell him the story, but then he distracted me and I forgot to bring it up again. I thought it would be helpful for us to talk about it so I'd know what to do in future situations. When I go out without him, situations like this often come up, and they are weird to deal with.

Dreamy did give me a single red rose last week. I thought it was really cute.

You guys might remember good ol' Guy No. 1. We didn't part ways on the best terms, and I mentioned in the past that we're in the same grad program. He goes to school at night, though, but we've run into each other three times in the past couple months.

First sighting: I said hi but got the death glare back.
Second sighting: I said hi, and he said hi.
Third sighting (this weekend): He said hi, plus, "We see each other everywhere now! What are you doing at school today?" And then we had a short conversation before I went on my way.

Well, I'm glad he doesn't wish death on me anymore. (Or maybe he secretly does, and he's being nice just so he can get closer to me again and then get his revenge!)

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  1. Guy No. 1 was just so clingy, so it is a shame that he can't behave like a civil human being, rather than give you death stares! It's 'okay' for them to 'fade out' when they're not interested, but when we lose interest, we're not allowed to? Men!

    That experience does sound odd - to be someone's 'wing woman', especially since it seemed like they were trying to pair you off with the other guy... It sounds quite awkward! but you were quite clear in your signals that you weren't interested, so I'm not sure what he was thinking... Maybe it's the whole 'chase' thing for him?

    The rose from Dreamy is adorable!