Friday, July 17, 2015

A guy I haven't told you about yet

My trip didn't go as planned - at all. However, to properly explain the events of this week's adventures, there is a backstory that needs to come first.

One of my favorite girl friends and I started dating guys at the same time: around the time Dreamy and I were a regular thing. This caused Bestie and I to see each other much less than we would have liked, but I was so excited to hear from her again earlier this spring. Since we had paired off with the guys, we kept missing each other at various events, so I was determined to make another gathering with Bestie happen soon. A group of us got together at the beginning of May, and we had the best time catching up. It was the first time I admitted to someone all the doubts I was having about Dreamy.

Bestie's boyfriend was also there that night. I had first met Bestie's BF and his best friend, a guy named Ryan, a few months before, out at our favorite fratty bars (where the crowds are now starting to feel way too young). It's nostalgic for Bestie and I, though, and it is still fun if we don't go too often and if we find a bar where people are dancing (or - let's be honest - a bar where Bestie and I can start a dance floor!). Anyway, the boyfriend's best friend, Ryan, was extremely attractive, and he was all about the dance floor too. I liked that, but I was focused on dating Dreamy and dismissed Ryan as a possibility.

About a week after the night at the fratty bars, I went out for espresso at a new location of my favorite coffee bar. A guy came up to me and looked so familiar. He asked if my name was M. I had participated in a lot of networking events during that time of year, so at first, I thought he was an alumni from my business school; it took me a few seconds to realize it was Ryan. Instantly I cursed myself for not wearing makeup to my coffee run, but then I reminded myself that it didn't matter because I was with Dreamy. I approved that Ryan had great taste in coffee, though.

Fast forward to the night in May. Ryan was out with us. I was in a girl-talk huddle with Bestie, quietly telling her about my problems with Dreamy. Ryan was looking hot, as always, and it was a weird coincidence to hear that he was moving to SF soon; I already had a bunch of SF trips lined up for the summer. I told him he'd have to find all the cool spots before I got there so he could share them with me later in the summer.

After the group exited our second bar of the next, we stood around, contemplating what to do next. Ryan got my attention and convinced me to walk back to the first bar with him, saying that everyone else would follow in a few minutes anyway. I had loved the cocktails at the first bar, so I agreed to go with him. He bought drinks for both of us, but we were quickly disappointed to hear that the bar was about to close. Fortunately, Ryan had the brilliant idea to sneak out, still holding our cocktail glasses, to a third bar. It was genius. The rest of the gang met us at the third bar, and we found it pretty hilarious to discover that the bartender from the first bar had come across the street to hunt Ryan and I down about 30 minutes later, because he needed their cocktail glasses back!

Bestie and I started chatting again, and Ryan went back to socializing with some of his coworkers who had tagged along. Finally, I was ready to call it a night, so I summoned a cab and said my goodbyes. I open the left back door of the cab, only to find the opposite back door opening and Ryan, getting in as well. He said he was thinking we could split the ride, since we lived in neighboring areas anyway. The driver stopped at my apartment first, but Ryan made an excuse to get out as well. We sat on the floor of my living room, playing with the dog, discussing coffee and other random things. I really liked that Ryan was curious, asked great questions, and was attentive to my answers.

Even though I was still dating Dreamy, I let Ryan kiss me. I thought he was really hot and sweet and in the moment, after all the conversations of that day, I was sure I would break up with Dreamy soon.

Ryan didn't ask for my number, and I saw him again that weekend (in a group) without any eventful happenings between us; then, he moved. I assumed he wasn't that interested, plus he was moving anyway, so I didn't think much of it.

Fast forward: Obviously, Dreamy and I have been broken up a while now. This past weekend, days before my work trip to SF, I went out with Bestie. She was taking a lot of pictures of the group and the shenanigans of the evening. She kept telling me that Ryan was texting her in Snapchat, commenting that I looked hot (haha). After this happened several times, I asked her if she thought I should contact Ryan while I was in SF that week. And that's when I learned some vital information about Ryan. Bestie's boyfriend and Ryan have a serious bromance, so Bestie has inside information about his dating life. Apparently Ryan has only had one girlfriend in his life, and he doesn't have much luck on the dating apps (something about him "not having game" with girls). She said that she had already kind of known about Ryan trying to go home with me before and told me that he seemed embarrassed about it because he was drunk. He hadn't seemed overly drunk to me, but he didn't try anything beyond kissing; now it makes sense, but at the time I just thought he had wanted to go home, decided he didn't like me, or was being a gentleman and not pushing his luck.

Even though Bestie is happily coupled, we both agree Ryan is ridiculously hot; so before my trip, she gave me his number, told me I was the only one of her girl friends that Ryan had liked, and encouraged me/planted the idea for me to try to hook up (yes, literally) with him while I was in SF. He's so hot, and I'll be there anyway, so why not?

Well, that's the backstory. I am back from SF, and I have more to tell. To be continued...

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  1. Ooh interesting. Him getting in the cab with you and coming home seems a little bit of a ploy to hook up, or he just really has NO game, haha. (in Ryan's defense, I've done the exact same thing when I was being all desperate and needy with a guy I liked, it was NOT pretty).

    Meeting people through friends is so much nicer than online! Despite the prevalence of online dating, I'd say about 50% of couples I know (among those who did not meet in school) still met in the real world.