Thursday, July 9, 2015

Obsessions true to my name

All of this will probably sound ridiculous, but I am excited to share anyway.

As interns, we have been viewing weekly webinars on various areas of the business. It's silly, but I get excited for them because I like to see fellow intern Romeo's name pop up on the participant list. (He's based in SF for the summer, and I travel there but am based somewhere else). Well, this week, the webinar was very eventful. There is an option on the program to share a video of yourself during the presentation from your laptop webcam, even if you are a participant rather than a presenter. So Romeo accidentally and unknowingly had his video turned on, so for the first 15 minutes, I could see a live video of his adorable face from his webcam. I had forgotten exactly what he looked like, so seeing his super good looking self was a nice treat. I kept giggling to myself and felt my face turning red just knowing that I could peek at him whenever I wanted.

Eventually, he must have realized his mistake, because he signed off of the participant list altogether.

I logged into LinkedIn today and saw that my profile had had a new viewer earlier in the day. Even though the viewer was anonymous, the tagline (a very unique one) was still visible. A few weeks ago, an anonymous visitor from the school Romeo goes to had viewed my profile - with the same tagline. Now the tagline included the name of our company rather than his school, so I 100% know it was him. I like that he is trying to creep on me.

I am heading to SF in a few days for our next all-intern session, so I am excited to see what this visit holds - hopefully a lot of time with Romeo. :) I was not single the last time I saw him, and now I am - so yay.

In other news, Paolo (yes, PAOLO! from 2012!) texted me this week out of the blue. He doesn't live here anymore, but yesterday he mentioned he was in town and wanted to have dinner before he traveled back home that night. We tried to get together last year when he was in town, but I was off gallivanting with Guy No. 1 and Peter and the gang so it didn't happen.

It was really nice to see Paolo. He looked good, and it was fun talking with him again. It's odd seeing someone you dated so long ago. We talked about how we have both changed and agreed it was for the better. I'm pretty sure he has a girlfriend now, but I'm flattered he wanted to spend part of his short visit to town hanging out with me.

In other other news, I was curious if formerly-known-as-Dreamy was back on POF again (where we met). He was, with almost the exact same username. I just rolled my eyes when I saw it - I do NOT miss him.

Not to be outdone, I created a new account on OKC. It was a lackluster first couple of days, but finally some quality messages came in. One guy seems really great - he sends me long messages back and reminded me how much I love to write long letters to people, and how I used to exchange long emails with my BFF back in college. I miss doing that. There really is something to writing to another person that is intimate, whether they are a guy or a best friend. I like that this guy wants to share himself in that way.

More adventures are coming soon - I'm sure of it.


  1. Sounds like lots of possibilities on the horizon! Good for you extricating yourself from something that wasn't the right fit and opening yourself back up to new opportunities. Enjoy it! :-)

  2. So what happened on this SF trip? Updates, please :)

    1. Haha, I will have them soon! It's not over yet ;)