Monday, August 31, 2015

Eternal texters, love amnesia, and warning bells

I don't think dating has ever been so much fun. Each time I sit down to write a new post lately, there are a handful of new guys - the beauty of dating apps, revealed. Things have slowed down with Hinge Guy; I like him but not enough. I don't want to abruptly disappear on him, but he offered to take me out to celebrate the full-time offer (!!) I recently received from the company where I interned this summer - I just haven't taken him up on it yet.

The Tinder match I have that I think is the most gorgeous (the hot blond one I mentioned in the last post) is of course the one who keeps sending me messages that have nothing to do with asking me out. Everyone else I'm talking to on there has at least gotten my number, if not asked me out, by now. I'm going to be patient with him a little longer before making any executive decisions about cutting him off.

One of my guy friends from business school brought one of his friends out to the bar with our group the other night. I didn't pay much attention to him at first, but once our group joined the dance floor, it just happened that the friend of my friend and I were paired up. I started noticing how funny he was, and I love, love, love guys who like to dance, and our chemistry after that was just crazy. I have never been that flirty with a guy in my life - but it came so easy with him (we'll call him Chase). We had so much fun and stayed attached to each other for the rest of the evening. It was great and made me realize what I really want right now - someone who is so much fun, and playful and adorable like this guy. (Formerly-Known-as-Dreamy never did things like this. In comparison, he was terribly boring.)

I knew Chase had been drinking a generous amount that night, but it was the biggest bummer/heartbreak ever when I found out through my girl friend that the guy did not remember me at all the next day.

That's right - one of the most fun and amazing times I've ever had with a guy, and he flat out doesn't know I exist. Here's the kicker: in the past, I may or may not have had a couple drunk make-out sessions with the guy friend who brought Chase to the bar that night, so I feel so awkward about asking the guy friend to help me reconnect with him. My guy friend and I have never tried to pursue anything romantic with each other outside of the bar, so in my mind, it's okay to date his friend. My girl friend told me she and our friends were watching us and that "it was magical," so she said she would do the legwork for me. Much to my frustration, she was not successful in reuniting us all weekend (Chase and I met the prior weekend). I am so impatient to see him again, even though I know I'll feel awkward because he has no idea what a great time we had.

I am dating someone else on Tinder as well. It's weird - at the same time, a bunch of warning bells go off in my head about him, yet I'm also really intrigued and actually look forward to seeing him again. I can't figure him out - I'm not sure if he's full of shit or if he's just a really attractive but kind of corny guy. Unfortunately, one downside of this guy is that he's hot and he knows it, which is normally such a turnoff for me; in his case, I'm letting it slide for now. I also can't tell if he's really, really into me or if he's just sucking up to get my approval (I am openly skeptical towards him). Despite my skepticism, I like him more than I think I should, but I'm holding back a little because I'm still incredibly curious about Chase.

Ahh. It's an exciting time in the dating world!


  1. If this is all happening in the midwest, I'm not sure why you'd even think about moving to SF. :) Kidding, of course. Exciting about the job, are you going to accept?

    1. The city I live in now is pretty badass - guess I was wrong in thinking I had already dated everyone here! The job is a rotational program, so depending on placement I'll probably be where I am now for half of that time and will move to SF for the rest. I haven't signed yet but I'm going to accept!!