Sunday, September 13, 2015

Nope, he blew up

Remember the guy from Tinder who cannot stop texting? Last week I mentioned that he demanded I call him after I stopped returning his texts. Well, there are new developments. Yesterday, he demanded that I "communicate with him" because he needs to know "what's going on with us." Apparently it's not obvious that nothing is going on with us.

I told a group of friends about him and that he's a braggy guy, but furthermore, I don't feel bad about calling it off because of his date game. Not that it's about what a guy buys me, but he was telling me alllll about how he doubled his salary with his last career move; nevertheless, the first date was a coffee date (i.e., he only bought me coffee) and on the second date, we split the check at dinner (he couldn't even treat a girl who is a student to dinner). So he has literally invested almost nothing in this "relationship."

Given this information, I asked the group whether or not I should respond to his demands, and their overwhelming response was that I don't owe him anything (exactly what I was thinking) and that I should BLOCK him instead. So I blocked him on my phone. He doesn't have the social intelligence to interpret silence and subtleties like canceling a date, and if I was more explicit about not being interested, I thought he would a.) be offended and lash out or b.) try to argue with me about what he thinks my feelings really are.

Unfortunately, my MacBook also receives my text messages, and it didn't get the memo to block the dude. So now I see the additional texts that he's sent, and now he's outright name-calling. I think I might finally have him blocked for real, but these new messages make me upset. I just want nothing to do with him or his messages. At least I'm proud of myself for having my red-flag radar on point post-Dreamy.

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